"Holding Forth the Word of Life"   - Philippians 2:16


Hoyt and Lois Osborne are missionaries in Kangundo, Kenya, a small town about 50 miles southeast of Nairobi. Their house is on Hospital Hill with wide views of the beautiful countryside. Kilimambogo mountain (Mountain of the Cape Buffalo) rises nearby above the African plateau.

In their many years of living among the East African people, they've had a remarkable impact. Rev. Hoyt Osborne has a gift of preaching from the Word of God and has become a "beloved" figure in the area. He'd shrug that off, but I have seen it with my own eyes. He says with a wink..."I was born with an African heart!" His own love for the Kamba reflects for all to see. It's clear that God called him to be here. Their statement of Purpose can be found here

Lois Osborne is also called Mama or Mom. She's in charge of the day-to-day operations at their home. Whether it's buying charcoal to keep Alphonse and Moki warm at night, organizing a bible class or making sure they have enough food to feed a dozen unexpected visitors, she's always there. Her eyes sparkle with warmth and devotion. Just ask the boys they have adopted over the years how much they love her.




  We Thank The Lord for Another Year of Living in His Embrace!





   Kenya Evangelical Mission, P. O. Box 70575, Henrico, VA 23255

In Africa, Kenya: Address PO BOX 1622 Kangundo, Kenya 90115  Telephone 044-621048



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